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Today, art continues to find the most varied forms of expression; design, video, film, music and fashion are all creative territories that Stampfli & Turci explore.

Stampfli & Turci represent established artists with international reputations and whose works are represented in major collections and regularly included in exhibitions worldwide.

Living Concepts

  • Purchase or resale of artwork for collectors.
  • Interiors Consulting
  • Organizing/curating commercial or private exhibitions.
    Organizing meetings between artists and collector, in situ or in workshop and accompaniment in order to ensure an internal coherence of collections.
  • Purchase and/or resale estates.


p7050018.jpg p7040003_1.jpg

H. Stampfli & M. Turci at the International Conference “Communication the museum” Madrid [Museo Thyssen Bornemisza – July 07]

Igor Ustinov – Sculptor


Balwin & Guggisberg – Glass Designer


Zbinden-G Painter


Marc Yeats – Painter/Composer

Rebecca Maeder – Ceramist

Karin Bablok – Ceramist


Roubi L’Roubi – Fashion designer – painter


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